Our Drive

“For more than a decade my mission has been to provide clarity to decision makers on how the healthcare landscape is changing. I founded Atacana Group to provide our clients with the necessary processes, tools and future looking insights to develop winning strategies and tactics.

Salvador Carlucci

Founder and President, Atacana Group

Former Global Head of CI at Novartis and Roche

Our Focus Is Competitive Strategy and Insights

Objective & Actionable

Objective & Actionable

Outperform Your Competition

Future Looking & Accurate

Future Looking & Accurate

Make Confident Decisions

Proprietary & Non-Public

Proprietary & Non-Public

Superior Competitive Knowledge

Legal And Ethical

Legal And Ethical

Professional Conduct and Services

We believe that great competitive insights should be objective and actionable. We provide objective insights by triangulating the information with multiple sources and by separating our analysis from the sources comments. We ensure that our insights are actional by aligning our key questions with strategic assumptions or key decisions that need to be made by our clients. By consistently taking action to reflect future changes in the landscape our clients are able to outperform their competitors.

It is critical for any healthcare organization to have future looking knowledge in order to succeed in the marketplace. Foreknowledge is what enables leaders to make timely decisions and adjust the strategy to reflect the changes in the competitive landscape. Our ongoing competitive monitoring provides early warning for future events and competitor activities. By systematically gathering insights from multiple sources we can ensure your strategy stays on track to success.

Everyone has access to public information and all serious competitors have access to proprietary databases. Therefore, only non-public and future looking insights from human sources can create competitive advantage. Knowing the competitor strategic assumptions and their plans for the future provides superior knowledge for effective decision making. Gathering competitive insights from human sources is a difficult art that Atacana has perfected for the benefit of our clients.

Properly done, CI respects laws governing trade secrets, fraud, and privacy and avoids wrongful acts such as hacking, wiretapping and bribery. Mismanagement, or non-management, of CI activities can create risks. Atacana uses experienced and highly skilled collectors trained in elicitation techniques and guided by strict legal and ethical guidelines designed to prevent any embarrassment to our clients or Atacana.

Our Proven Process

Our process on how to conduct CI has been published in Nature Biotechnology in 2005 in an article titled: “How to conduct competitive intelligence in your biotech startup”.

It has been implemented with the top pharmaceutical companies and still serves as guidance for companies wishing to turn competitive intelligence into knowledge.

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Tailored Products

CI Monitoring

CI Monitoring

  • Primary CI Monitoring
  • Early Warning
  • Secondary Monitoring

Ad-hoc Projects

Ad-hoc Projects

  • Ad-hoc Requests
  • Deep Dives
  • Workshops

Conference Coverage

Conference Coverage

  • Conference Planner
  • Daily Coverage
  • Report Writing

Our Approach


Source Network

The source network determines how much and how long it takes to get the insights. We have an established and reliable network across the industry. Furthermore, network development and management is a core function of Atacana.


Business Model

Our business model is to be an extended team of our client’s organization. We provide premium quality deliverables and customer support. We work with only one client per indication and do not support brands that compete with each other.


Our Expertise

Our expertise is gathering, analyzing and communicating competitive insights that inform decision-making and commercial strategy. Our strength is supporting our clients to make confident decisions through the development of winning strategies and tactics.