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Meet Joao Alcoforado

  • A Data Engineer at Atacana
  • From curiosity to mastery

    Meet Joao, a spirited individual who’s all about doing things his way. Fueled by an insatiable curiosity, he’s never been one to follow the crowd, always choosing what feels right for him instead of what others expect. Now that he is already a data engineer, Joao applies his expertise at Atacana, transforming his passion and technical acumen into sophisticated mastery.
  • Inspiration in action

    His passion and interest in this field was ignited by his former teacher who encouraged fresh perspectives and the power of critical thinking. That intellectual spark now drives his excitement for the constant innovation and challenges at Atacana, making his career a fascinating journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.
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We delved into his journey and experiences, exploring how he’s been settling in at Atacana since joining earlier this year.

What initially drew you to Atacana, and how has your perspective evolved since joining the team?

I was intrigued by the concept of working with data in a company where data is their core foundation and business. My perspective on this has only evolved since joining, confirming that this is a high-energy, innovative environment that constantly keeps me motivated.

As a recent addition to our team, could you tell us about a significant experience at Atacana that has had a profound and lasting effect on you?

I’ve had enriching experiences every day at Atacana. Selecting just one is a challenge, but the opportunity to be part of the development of Atacana’s data-driven applications stands out. These experiences have taught me a lot and greatly shaped me as a professional.

What unique aspects of Atacana’s culture do you find most inspiring and conducive to your professional growth?

The unique aspects of Atacana’s culture that I find most inspiring are its global and innovative spirit, the diversity within the team, and the high-performance environment. But above all, I appreciate the company’s attention to its team members and customers, with a main focus on trust and quality of service.

In your view, what makes Atacana stand out in the industry, and how do you contribute to its success?

In my opinion, Atacana stands out in the industry due to its culture of high performance and innovation. The professionals here are truly committed to giving their very best. Personally, I thrive on tackling complex challenges and above all, developing high-quality, data-driven solutions. I believe that my contribution to Atacana’s success lies in leveraging my skills and passion to deliver innovative solutions that drive our business forward.

Which one of the Atacana values resonates the most with you and why?

The Atacana value that resonates most with me is ‘Be Curious’. As someone who always wants to understand the ‘why’ behind everything, this allows me to fully grasp the world around me, focus on what truly matters.

About Joao:

Joao is an experienced Data Engineer with demonstrated proficiency in the design, implementation, and management of robust data pipelines and databases. He is adept at developing and deploying data-driven applications, utilizing advanced skills in SQL, Python, and various programming languages for efficient data creation, management, and analysis.

Joao is passionate about using data to solve business problems, driving the development of data-driven products and excel in working with substantial datasets.

Possessing a proactive learning attitude, he is enthusiastic about tackling new challenges and continually expanding his skill set.

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Working at Atacana feels empowering in multiple ways.”

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Team Product Owner
Seryna Koehler, Group Product Owner, Atacana Group

The company values and respects our personal time and we can structure our day however we like. This also helps in creating a personal sense of accountability which is empowering.”  

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Group Product Owner
Mohit Singh, Team Scrum Master, Atacana Group

At Atacana, we have a culture of mutual trust, transparency, utmost respect, and collaboration.”

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Aiza Castro, Consultant, Atacana Group

It has provided me with the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.”

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