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Meet Fleur Pijpers-Dick

  • Growing up, her family was on the move, continuously relocating, living in different places like Singapore, the United States, Belgium, Hong Kong, and London, where she finished school.
  • “Where do you come from?”

    Her upbringing was not without its unique challenges. One fascinating part of her life story is how she found it difficult to answer the simple question: “Where do you come from?” Despite her Dutch origins, she doesn’t entirely feel like she belongs to a single place. Her identity is made up of various experiences and cultural influences from different parts of the world.
  • Family Life

    Fast forward to today, she has chosen to come back to Singapore to build a life with her own family. Faced with the challenge of nurturing them in a new place without the close support of loved ones, she knew she would need a job that offered flexibility.
  • Work From Home

    In an era where ‘work from home’ has become the norm, the fully remote setup at Atacana allows Fleur to enjoy the best of both worlds, giving her the ability to advance professionally without having to miss out on important family moments. It’s an exciting turn in her journey, and she’s enjoying every moment of it.
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Getting to know Fleur better

What initially drew you to Atacana, and how has your perspective evolved since joining the team?

I knew about Atacana because old colleagues work here; however, once I learned that the company is fully remote and I could fit the work around my life, I became very interested. My husband, 5-year-old daughter, and I moved to Singapore in 2022, and we don’t have any family or help nearby, so I needed a job that I could fit around my daughter. Since joining the team, I am reminded every day that I made the right decision by  joining Atacana. I get to work with friendly people who are amazing at their jobs and work on a variety of therapy areas and project types, so it’s always interesting – all while being able to do the school run and fit the work around my daughter. I cannot imagine ever going back to a job that requires me to commute to an office.

As a recent addition to our team, could you tell us about a significant experience at Atacana that has had a profound and lasting effect on you?

Rather than one significant experience, it is the everyday small experiences that have had a lasting effect on me. Every day, I get to work with extremely intelligent colleagues who are great at their jobs and the perfect role models for someone like me who is still learning about CI – some of my colleagues CI skills are similar to detective work, which I am very impressed by. Because my team members go above and beyond for their job, it inspires me to try and match up to their high standards so we can maintain our status as a high-performing team.

What unique aspects of Atacana’s culture do you find most inspiring and conducive to your professional growth?

Atacana goes out of its way to hire people who are not only great at their jobs but are also a good team fit. Working remotely and not being able to see body language in person, it is crucial for team members to be able to work well together. I find this focus on team fit reassuring that Atacana wants to ensure an optimal working environment for us. Despite many years in pharma, this is my first CI role, and I am enjoying working with more CI-experienced colleagues and learning from them.

In your view, what makes Atacana stand out in the industry, and how do you contribute to its success?

Atacana has extremely high standards for the work it delivers to clients – this has not been matched at any place I’ve worked before. At the same time, Atacana cares about its employees and includes having fun in its core values – again, nowhere I’ve ever worked before has had ‘have fun’ in its values. This unique combination makes Atacana stand out, and I am proud to contribute to its success by working within a high-performing team that delivers excellence to our clients whilst enjoying the work we do every day.

How has your role at Atacana shaped your long-term career goals and aspirations?

What I really enjoy about working at Atacana is the variety of projects across multiple therapy areas, some of which are new to me. Throughout my career, I have always been keen to learn about new therapy areas. However, in some of my prior roles, I sometimes felt like the work I did meant I couldn’t see the bigger picture. Working in CI for Atacana allows me a more holistic view of an indication, something which I am keen to maintain going forwards.

About Fleur:

Fleur joins us with 18 years of experience in business intelligence & analytics, gained from working both on the agency side and at several biotech/pharmaceutical companies, including Napp, Gilead, Intercept, Zogenix & Jazz/GW. Fleur has experience in a number of therapy areas including oncology/hematology, pain, HIV, hepatitis, PBC, and epilepsy.

She has a Masters of Engineering in Biochemical Engineering with Bioprocess Management from University College London.

Fleur moved to Singapore last year, where she spends her free time exploring the city and its wildlife with her family, running, and reading.

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