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Pharma Service Benchmarking

Pharma Service Benchmarking
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Blockbuster legacy drugs were elevating long-term safety data concerns in advance of our partner company’s drug launch.


  • Our partner was preparing to launch a drug with a new MOA into a TA with decades of unchanged practice and no new treatments in >5 years​
  • The new drug’s safety and efficacy profile showed modest or debatable advantages. Convenience and QOL were the obvious benefits ​
  • Our partner was concerned that more was needed to change prescription habits


Can services widen the new brand’s convenience advantage and shrink HCP safety concerns?


  • New Services: The brand funded two new services​
  • Roadmap: A service roadmap was implemented, and additional personnel hired to manage / implement​
  • Key tactics to achieve strategic imperatives: Home delivery and 1:1 mentors became core parts of achieving the brands uptake and retention targets​


  • Competitor Analysis: Primary (paid and unpaid) and secondary research
  • Best in-class Benchmarking: Primary (paid and unpaid) and secondary research
  • Gap Analysis
  • Opportunity Ranking: Collaboration with partner


  • Competitive Assessment: Legacy drugs were maximizing income and minimizing investment. However. a few services were highly valued by HCPs
  • Best in Class Analogues: Benchmarks revealed numerous opportunities for differentiated services
  • Prioritization: Primary research paired with cross functional input led to a prioritized timeline for service launches
  • Investment: Services became a “strategic pillar,” and two new services were funded with a plan for more


We really appreciated the new service ideas, but more importantly, you were able to validate which ones drove (Co. X and Y’s) success. This project may shift our tactics and our brand plan. (It did)   

– Brand Lead