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Exploration for Portfolio Expansion and Product Acquisition

Exploration for Portfolio Expansion and Product Acquisition
Atacana Group


Identify the next blockbuster opportunity for our partner – both in MoA and potential indications


  • Our partner has a blockbuster drug reaching its loss of exclusivity in the near-future
  • To protect their overall portfolio, our partner was considering entry into a “hot” new MoA with the potential to expand into multiple indications

Key Question:

What new MoA provides the highest future value (E.g., highest efficacy, best safety, broadest therapeutic application)?


  • Landscape understanding: Secondary research to create in-depth landscapes of the indications of interest
  • MoA identification: Identify MoAs with promising potential (meeting unmet needs, new RoA, etc.)
  • Opportunity Ranking: Identify therapeutic areas of “low-hanging fruit” with immediate benefits and longer-term areas of wins


Acquisition: Following our assessment, our partner acquired an asset in the next “hot” MoA class with potential for expansion in multiple therapeutic areas

Investment: Our partner has begun significant investment in their new asset. They have already formalized plans to initiate Phase 3 studies in the “low hanging fruit” markets to launch their best-in-class asset


“The deep-dive into the landscape and assets was very helpful and really reconfirmed our initial analysis into this MoA”

– New Asset Lead