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Competitive Readiness

Competitive Readiness
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How to anticipate competitor market access & penetration strategy across multiple markets and differentiate through targeted efforts in an underdeveloped therapeutic area?


  • Our partner was preparing to launch a first-to-market preventive therapy in a space with no approved treatments or other preventive therapies
  • Two competitors with comparable efficacy were launching soon after, turning a blue-ocean therapeutic area into a crowded pool
  • As a conservative, veteran company, our partner was concerned they would be ill-prepared for the agile & aggressive tactics of the competition

Key Question

What will the competitors do to gain an advantage and how can we best leverage our short first-to-market window to win?


  • Understanding of competitor’s strategy: Aligned view on key strengths and differentiators.
  • Sense of urgency: Imperative to act quickly and not underestimate the competition
  • Shift in mindset & awareness of blind spots: Increase in competitive readiness across participating markets

Process (Breaking down the project into key phases)

  • Competitor Analysis: Primary and secondary research across multiple markets of interest
  • Competitor Simulation: 1-day on-site workshops with regional launch teams followed by workshops with country clusters
  • Must Wins & Tactics: 1-day on-site workshops with regional launch teams followed by workshops with country clusters

CASE STUDY: CompetitiveReadiness – Project Roadmap

Outputs (Additional details)

Our partner increased competitive readiness:

  • Competitor Launch Readiness Assessment: Enabled development of launch plan across geographies according to competitor strategy
  • Briefing Packs: Pre-read materials for workshop participants informing of research findings and facilitating high engagement
  • Competitor Shadow Brand Plan: Stepping out of the comfort zone and into competitor shoes to maximize threat & opportunity awareness
  • Impact & Implications: Alignment of local implementation strategy and activities to preempt and counter competitor tactics


We really appreciated your coordination but want also to highlight the valuable comments/insights and challenges that you raised to us. It demonstrates you truly got into the contents and our dynamics which – I imagine – might not be easy for an external agency, so really please accept compliments from the whole team

– Launch Lead